What it is like to be an infra developer at ING

This blogpost inspired me to write about the (infra) tech stack at ING.

What are the most common tools that developers use at ING?
In general, every infra developer uses Git, Gitlab, Gitlab-CI, Ansible, Jenkins, Lync, Atlassian tooling and Service Now. Developers choose their own IDE.


I frequently use these tools:

  • Royal TS (terminal emulator)
  • vim
  • Sublime Text
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Lots of terminal tools for text mangling
  • Meld


Which languages do developers code in?
Primarily Ansible. Other languages are shell scripting languages, Python, JavaScript, .Net, Groovy, Power Shell.

What is the development process like? (the life cycle of a piece of committed code)?
It varies per team. Generally, code is being checked in after running unit tests. Code is peer-reviewed before merging with master. Once comments are addressed, the merge request is approved and merged into master. Merges into the master branch trigger a build pipeline. New pipelines automatically deploy to production.

What is code review like?
A colleague checks if the code conforms to our Definition of Done (DoD) and acceptance criteria specified in the story. There is a peer-review to assess the impact on production from different angles.

How is testing done, and what kind of tests are run?
We currently use the goss test framework for infra code. I’ve seen teams that have built extensive automated test pipelines. Teams are encouraged to build the test automation they deem necessary. There are test VM’s available that are rebuild every night.

How is code deployed?
Mostly through pipelines built in Jenkins or Gitlab-CI.

What is an average day-in-the-life of someone on one of the development teams?
Most teams are working in sprint cycles of two weeks. Team members may choose to work from home. I’d say time is spend on engineering activities, experimenting, learning, meetings, operational support, and other activities.

Colleagues go to lunch together, there are lunch talks, and some go running during lunchtime. ING provides a weekly boot camp training after work. Or go for drinks after work.

What makes ING a special place to be a developer?
At ING you get to work at a recognizable brand. Teams at ING are working on continuous improvement of their processes. At ING you get to work with new exiting technology on a large scale.

Can you tell us a bit about your team and what you are working on?
I’m working with my team to provide Tomcat within the ING. We make sure Tomcat is offered free of vulnerabilities, integrates with deployment tooling, and conforms to rules and regulations. I like to keep in mind that most of the back-end of web and mobile runs on Tomcat.


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