jobflirt #2 at Java DevOps team

I managed to arrange a second jobflirt, this time at a Java DevOps team. The team is providing a popular online payment method in The Netherlands.

Besides online payments, the team provides:

  • iDIN (digital identification),
  • eMandates (customer authorization for direct debits),
  • and other (future) services.


My intention is to apply my Java programming skills in practice within a real team, working on an actively used application. And I’m looking for feedback to become a great engineer.


I’ve completed a few stories, writing code that is now running in production. I’m really content with the results we have delivered. Thanks to the excellent colleagues at the team, the code got reviewed fast, with good remarks. The agile rituals of the team have inspired me. I’ve got new, fresh pointers to books and practice materials to become proficient in Java.


Another successfully completed jobflirt that was mutually beneficial to both parties.


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