DevOps workgroup

Ordina DevOps werkgroep

2015 – 2017. The Ordina DevOps workgroup has been working to (automatically) build up a Java application (development) environment, using infrastructure-as-code on Azure.

Our ambition is to have a CI/CD-pipeline, where a (Java) app can be built and deployed to a (Tomcat) (web) app server. The distinguishing characteristic is that this complete environment can be build up out of code on github.

Used technology

Terraform, Azure, Git, Puppet, r10k, Puppet roles & profiles, Docker, Jenkins, Tomcat, Ansible.



Presentation infrastructure-as-code with Terraform (Eimert Vink)

De tweemaandelijkse sprint

Arjen Wilts Terraform

Ordina DevOps – Puppetmaster configuratie in git met r10k

Terraform docs