DevOps workgroup

2015 – 2017. The Ordina DevOps workgroup has been working to (automatically) build up a Java application (development) environment, using infrastructure-as-code on Azure.

Our ambition is to have a CI/CD-pipeline, where a (Java) app can be built and deployed to a (Tomcat) (web) app server. The distinguishing characteristic is that this complete environment can be build up out of code on github.

Notable contributors (in random order)

Mans Matulewicz, Arjen Wilts, Stephan Rademacher, Johan van der Velde, Eric van Beek, Francis Leusink, Martin Cavas, Paul Rook, Jeffrey van Oostrom, Eimert Vink.

Used technology

Terraform, Azure, Git, Puppet, r10k, Puppet roles & profiles, Docker, Jenkins, Tomcat, Ansible, Nexus.

Infrastructure diagram

VM detail


Team pictures




Presentation infrastructure-as-code with Terraform (Eimert Vink)

De tweemaandelijkse sprint

Arjen Wilts Terraform

Ordina DevOps – Puppetmaster configuratie in git met r10k

Terraform docs

Slack Ordinadevops (private)

Github Ordinadevops

Francis Luesink LinkedIn Post